LinkedIn – your marketing silver bullet!

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Do you know how to use LinkedIn as an effective networking platform?

We’ll help you create opportunities within the LinkedIn space.

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LinkedIn is one of the first places where recruiters search for suitable candidates for job vacancies.

What does your profile say about you?

Are you creating or losing opportunities because of it? We will create a professional profile for you or help refine an existing one so that recruiters can find (and choose) you!


These are one-to-one sessions where we spend 90 minutes to go through your profile with you.

Based on your industry, we will show you how to generate leads and make your profile work for you so that you or your business is found on LinkedIn and worth reading about.

After this session, you will understand LinkedIn and feel comfortable to use it to your advantage.


We offer Masterclasses for small business as well as corporates.

For small to medium-sized businesses we show you effective ways to use your free LinkedIn account to build relationships and generate leads. 

Masterclasses for Corporates are delivered at the client’s premises, and a minimum of 5 delegates per class applies.


Get the best out of your LinkedIn profile and social media presence without the frustrations of doing it yourself.

Let us manage your engagements and keep your brand visible and front of mind.

Monthly management of your LinkedIn profile gives you peace of mind that your network will continue to grow without your regular engagement.

Here’s what our clients say…

Petra Cooper - Talent Manager

“I had the pleasure and privilege of receiving coaching from Noleen on how to optimise my LinkedIn profile for our company as well as my personal benefit! Noleen was friendly and immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. I knew I could ask questions without fear that I would feel embarrassed that I didn’t know as much as I should about LinkedIn. She also connected with me about her own personal experiences making me feel excited about the information she shared.

I have been using LinkedIn as a professional platform for years and she was able to show and teach me things I didn’t even know were an option. Without a doubt meeting with her will be the best investment you make for yourself and your company!”

Leon Pretorius MD - Digit 247 Tracking

“Just a note of thanks for the detail you shared during your course, I know I am guilty of not implementing all the advice, but the little I did helped me to secure deals worth over R500K over 36 months. These are leads that contacted me through Linkedin. That was the easiest sales to close.”

Petro Olivier MD - Niche Accounting

“With Noleen taking care of my LinkedIn presence, I can focus on my clients. I can already see how my network has expanded inside my industry and beyond, with her help. She only shares information that adds value; thereby building a solid network and helping me establish a public image that is reputable and trustworthy.”

Irwin van Stavel - MD of LRMG

“I would highly recommend Noleen and her Ladybugz business services to all Executives who wish to improve their digital presence and brand in the market.”

KK Diaz - CEO of A-Game Business Consulting

“In a world of B2B service providers who are not concerned about their own levels of mediocrity, occasionally you come across people who are dedicated to their craft, to serving others and are shining examples of excellence. Noleen Thompson is one of those.”

About us

Ladybugz is a team of sales and marketing experts with over 20 years’ experience and specialising in LinkedIn networking for ten of those years – that’s why Ladybugz can help you. We focus our social marketing efforts with LinkedIn first in mind before any other social media platforms because we’ve seen the success in building business relationships and credibility over ‘in-your-face’ sales techniques. Because we are passionate about making a difference and adding value, we share our expertise with you and assist in increasing business to business opportunities in the digital space. Our goal is to coach and guide our clients to help them drive successful marketing campaigns on LinkedIn and stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons.

LinkedIn Training & Managed Services for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

You already know the WHY; we’ll help you with the HOW to grow your existing business and get the most out of LinkedIn networking. Let us help you reach your goals.

As a business owner, you can never have enough contacts and connections out in the marketplace. People talk with people, and before you know it, you can receive a solid referral that can turn into a long-term business relationship. On social media networks, millions of people use LinkedIn as a source to find suitable candidates for job vacancies, a business partner or a provider for a specific service. That is why your profile should be kept up to date and portray your skills and services in a way that people would want to find you.

Ladybugz will guide you on your way to success by showing you how to use LinkedIn to your advantage to maximise your opportunities. We run a coaching workshop for individuals and small business owners where we you can learn how to make your profile work for you and to build your own brand in the digital space. One secret to making LinkedIn work for you, is to keep your profile active with regular posting, shares and activity. We offer that service too where we can manage your engagements on your behalf – we will continuously share information relevant to your industry, make direct contact with your connections, and strategically connect with your target audience.

Corporate Planning, Expanding and Scaling

Do you want to get the ultimate leverage effect in your sales and marketing tactics that will help you build your business? Did you know that your workforce can rapidly expand your business footprint by supporting your brand awareness strategies on LinkedIn? All staff can become brand ambassadors for your business by creating a professional LinkedIn profile that will ensure that your brand gets noticed in social media. The more visible you are as a trusting and credible brand, the more likely it becomes for your target audience to connect with you and take up your offerings.

Ladybugz can help you reach your goals! We can help you set up professional LinkedIn profiles and a business page that will align with your sales and marketing strategy. We run coaching classes to get you started and masterclasses where we help you set up a profile and share tips on how to make your profile work for you to generate the leads you need. If you still need help to reach incredible rewards almost immediately, we can manage your company profile on your behalf.