Over the years, I have come across so many managers and executives that say”We can’t help people use LinkedIn better, as they will then be head-hunted and find a better job”. Really? REALLY???

LinkedIn has moved from being a place where people “put their CV’s” to a place where real conversations can be had. Where people share ideas, articles and motivate each other. No, it’s not Facebook. Facebook is where I show you my awesome breakfast and brag (Well, I brag and rub it in that they missed an awesome breakfast).

LinkedIn, however, is where I show you whom I had breakfast with. I tell you about how that person/people have changed my outlook. I share what I have learned from the experience.

Now Mr/Ms Boss, imagine a story rather like this: You go out and teach your employees how to use LinkedIn more effectively to find their voices and UPLIFT YOUR BRAND! Yes, help you to attract Talent as they would love to be part of a collaborative organisation! Oh wait, and because you are educating and sharing some thought leadership around what your organisation does, you accidentally get new business. IMAGINE THAT!

I know this can happen as it’s all in the statistics!

This is from a recent report by the Insider Group.

“A strong brand has a significant impact on hiring great talent, reducing cost per hire and eventually lowering employee turnover. And what is the most cost-effective and authentic way to amplify your talent brand’s reach and impact? You guessed it – YOUR EMPLOYEES.”

When your employees share smart, quality content with their networks, your employer brand benefits directly. That’s because, with your employees seen as thought leaders in their space, your company is seen as a leader by association. And that exposes your brand to people who are likely to become interested in your company and apply for a job.

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

You improve your sales! Yes, that’s what I said, IMPROVE your sales!

The data doesn’t lie. I have seen this personally in my own sales while I was back in corporate and even now in my own business. LinkedIn WORKS! You just need to understand how to use LinkedIn. It’s not about selling, but about building relationships and educating people.

Another exert from the Insider Group report.

“You’ve invested all you can in organic reach, yet the impact continues to dwindle. Adoption of ad-blocking software is on the rise. Paid promotion can help, but it’s only a partial solution. What you need is a strong earned solution. Something that can help you reach 10x more people, influence 2x more company page follows, and 53% more interaction with your paid media.

You need a new approach. It turns out the way to get content into your buyers’ hands may be right in front of you: YOUR EMPLOYEES

Some recent messages from clients who have directly closed business as a result of posting or using our methods:

“PS. I wanted to let you know that we received a direct opportunity to bid on an opportunity solution at a prospect through the CIO who was an old contact and saw my latest article and then put us forward to enter a late bid for the business 😊 the direct example of the LinkedIn silent salesman.”

Just a note of thanks for the detail you shared during your course, I know I am guilty of not implementing all the advice, but the little I did do helped me to secure deals worth over R500K over 36 months. These are leads that contacted me through Linkedin, easiest sales close there is.”

Do you see Mr/Ms Boss, you are shooting yourself in the foot if you do not empower your workforce to use LinkedIn and find their voices!

To find out more about how to empower your employees, contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me on noleen@ladybugz.net.za or inbox here on LinkedIn. Loads of ways to do it, but just DO IT!