Whether you are just starting in your career, a high-power executive or if you run your own business, if you have a name and a social footprint, you have a personal brand. Now you need to ask yourself, what is my personal brand saying!?

You have it in your power to control your personal brand, especially now in our digital world! You can advance your career and business by a building a trusted personal brand. If you are consistent and add value, you can be seen as a reliable specialist in your niche area of expertise.

To help and advance personal brands, people and even huge brands utilize social media platforms. LinkedIn, at first, started as a platform to load and digitise your CV. Now it is the best social media platform to build your personal brand and advance yourself.

Why LinkedIn is a personal branding tool?

There are so many aspects to LinkedIn that include that people still do business with people, so the human touch is a big part of why using LinkedIn is so effective. When building your network, LinkedIn enables you to collaborate with a more focused attention the people who want to listen to your topic by using #Hashtags!

You get to share your unique content by creating articles (blogs) within LinkedIn that starts to set you apart from others in your industry as a thought leader. This builds your personal brand up that people start to trust what you have to say. This doesn’t happen over-night, so be patient and continue to share and add value.

Building up your Network to become a community

This is done over time that you build a network of trusted advisors and business that you would easily ask advice from and refer business to. This helps to build your personal brand but remember, you have to trust them. If you refer them to your clients, you need to know that their services are great as this will either elevate your personal brand, or you will lose trust with your clients very quickly.

Creating trust with Potential Clients

The advantages of building your personal brand and trusted thought leader is that business deals become easier. This, again, doesn’t happen over-night. You cannot post one article a year and expect the flood gates to open. Like anything, you need to be consistent in building your brand. When you continue to add value to your network, they will seek you out for your unique services that you have to offer.

Connect with Journalists and Editors

This is not something I have focused on myself, but this would have advantages not only for you but for them too. In this way, on the off chance that you locate the correct ones and pitch to them there are chances that you may get distributed on the best production houses.

I have many clients that are writing articles over time to build up content for the release of their books one day. Stay connected with people who you can possibly enlist the services of to help edit and publish that book one day!

Networking events

There are many opportunities that people share that give you an opportunity to meet people in your area in person. This gives you an opportunity to meet the personality behind the photo! (If you haven’t already met) There are so many people that may not communicate well over a social network, but really are phenomenal people in person.

Take up opportunities to build your network in person too. Don’t hide behind your profile. I have a few networking groups I go to often. If you would like an invite, and you are in Johannesburg, pop me a message and let’s get you into a community!

An opportunity to be discovered!

If you are going to devote time daily to LinkedIn and building your personal brand, make sure you are doing this in such a way that you can be found. People are always looking for experts in niche area. Does your profile tell people how you add value, or is it set-up as a CV? If you need help on this, go to my article on how to set up your LinkedIn profile. This is YOUR personal brand which is linked to your business, whether it be your “job” or your own business, it’s still YOUR business to make sure LinkedIn works for you and your connections.

To find out more about how to use LinkedIn more effectively, connect with me and arrange a training session with you and your team. We have great testimonials of people creating hundreds of thousands of rands by understanding LinkedIn better and doing the right things. It’s not about “selling” but about educating and adding value.