Listen, if I was a mechanic, I wouldn’t have much business as my car is ageing and some serious issues lately. I am still working on my complete brand but I live my brand where ever I can. Social media (especially LinkedIn as this is what we teach), branding, gifting and even colour matching when I dress. I will be upgrading my car soon to red bug with black dots… yes, you get the picture! This is working for us… It’s working so well that when someone sees a ladybug or something associated to us, I get a picture of the ladybug sent to me, or even a bottle of wine (Thank you Janie).

BUT… This is one thing that really does get to me about professionals these days! Not living your brand! Not practising what you preach! In my career, I have work with people who can help people with change management in other organisations, but within their own company, suck at managing change. I have worked with people that teach key values to others, but don’t live out these values in in their own lives and organisations.

Gone are the days that you can tell people how fantastic you are at something, but not be able to implement this within your own organisation or “have time” to put the strategy together for your own business. Fix it! Your employees talk. People will Google you… Align your brand on all your platforms! Be consistent.

This is especially key when you have people who tell you that they can change your world and business but haven’t tested these strategies in their own business with their own time and money. This is especially important when implementing marketing strategies. The platforms across social media and other are consistently changing so you need to go to people who are actively testing the changes within their own business before using client money to “test” the platform.

Live your brand. Be passionate about what you do and the clients will follow.

If you would like to chat more about how to ensure your brand is elevated by your employees living out your brand, contact me today on noleen@ladybugz.net.za