Yes, I know, there are many people still using Internet Explorer (IE). It’s hard to believe but it’s true! While I do training, I have come across a few challenges with updates in using IE.

Despite that fact that Microsoft owns LinkedIn and IE is a Microsoft application, using IE doesn’t allow you to make specific changes. I have picked up two significant challenges.

1. Changing your Banner on your profile

When using IE, changing your banner makes positioning it challenges. Updating your banner in LinkedIn makes this tiny little banner in the middle of the space so you can’t reposition or see what it would look like.

On a side note, you cannot update your banner at all on a mobile or tablet device. The editing is a function that is disabled on LinkedIn, and we are not sure why.

2. Changing your LinkedIn Url

Changing your LinkedIn Url in IE is a feature that doesn’t work at all on LinkedIn. You can do what you like, but the “pen” doesn’t do anything to change this. Usually, when you click the pen, you can change this URL to shorten it to only your name, not name and a string of numbers.


Take away the frustration of finding out what you can’t do in IE… I don’t use IE at all! Use anything else like Chrome, Safari, Brave or ANYTHING else to ensure you can update everything on your profile. Hopefully, Microsoft will pick this up one day and it won’t be a problem, but this has been a problem for a couple of years already, so don’t hold your breath.

For more information on updating your profile, see my one article on LinkedIn Profile secret tips https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/awesome-linkedin-profile-secret-tips-2019-noleen-thompson-/

If you would like to train up your teams on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and better us it for Social Selling, contact me so we can see how we can best assist you! noleen@ladybugz.net.za