Turning leads into sales needs to start somewhere, and that first step is all about building a relationship with potential clients. So, the next logical question is, How do you build a relationship with a potential client.

An excellent place to start is to make that client a priority. Time is money, so if you invest your time in a client, they will be inclined to invest their hard-earned money in you.

Making a potential client a priority involves needs a strategic approach, including interaction, support, and bringing awareness of your value to add to that client. Every potential client will want to know how you are going to better their lives. Continuously ask yourself, how are you adding value?

Clients want to know that they are being heard, so listen. Follow their business pages on platforms such as LinkedIn. Connect with them, Like and comment on posts that are made. Show an interest in their activities while simultaneously pointing out how your company can aid in their targets and bring value to add to their company.

Make your potential customer feel noticed and appreciated. In turn, you will also be noticed.

PS. Using this advice doesn’t mean you should stalk your clients, but meaningful, value-added engagements are essential! 

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