LinkedIn has always been about networking, not a job portal. Right from the start of LinkedIn back in 2003, it’s been about networking. I did a little research and came upon the “Our Story” of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn First Landing Home Page

As you can see from the very first “home page”, it’s been about building a professional network. LinkedIn just allows you to create a professional profile for credibility.

LinkedIn Advocating for Small Businesses way back in 2004

Jobs only came in 2005! In 2004 LinkedIn’s growth accelerated with the introduction of address book uploads in late 2003. LinkedIn introduced new features like Groups and partners with American Express to promote its offerings to small business owners. Right at the core, LinkedIn was there for people like us, Small Business Owners, to grow!

Yes, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for Talent Managers and Recruiters to head hunt and validate the credentials of people in the job market. Yes, you can now apply for jobs with your LinkedIn Profile, but that would mean, you have a good profile in the first place to use!

LinkedIn is here to build YOUR professional profile! Yes, YOURS! That means that you should take pride in your achievements and learn how to use LinkedIn to build your credibility with your peers. But, to do that, you need to learn to collaborate better using LinkedIn functionalities. There is so much to LinkedIn (suppose this is why I am passionate about teaching people how to use it better).

Take a look at a previous article of mine Dear Boss, I am not looking for a job, I am actually your biggest fan!” that your people in your business are your most significant assets to your brand on LinkedIn, they not just on LinkedIn to find a job. Teach them how to elevate your brand and themselves, and you will have people who won’t be on LinkedIn to find jobs, but to find new business!

When last did you do an audit on your employees LinkedIn profiles? Oh, yes, you can do that… without too much fuss. You can have your marketing team look at each person’s public profile to see how aligned they are to their current role and your brand. (Ask us how or to help you)

When you have employees talking great things about the company, you will attract the right talent anyway to join your teams.

LinkedIn was never about Jobs, it was always about networking and building trust and collaboration within your professional networks!

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