Our first week of the year has gone already, and most of us are going into 2020 with “business as usual” but wanting different results? Right? Please don’t deny it…

With all the resolutions we have done over the years, maybe it’s time to stop planning and taking action, even if it’s small steps, to achieve our goals! I know that I need to take action on each of these myself, so it’s also a challenge to myself and you!

Let’s start with your branding here on LinkedIn. Here are 5 MUST updates you should do by the end of THIS week! (including myself)

1. Update your photo!

Your photograph doesn’t have to a professional photo but a good shot of you smiling, with a plain background is essential. Why? How much have you changed since last year, or even six months ago? My photo is about six months old, and I have grown my hair! So I need to update my pic THIS WEEK! Some of us may have lost or picked up weight, or even changed our hair colour!

It’s your first impression. People look so they can recognise you when you meet. You don’t want to create mistrust you before you even start your conversation.

2. Update your banner

Your banner is the graphic behind your picture. It’s a new year, and most people don’t even have a visual there. It’s the normal LinkedIn “connect dots” banner. People are visual first! Their eyes will automatically be drawn to the graphics first before they read the rest of your profile.
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You can use www.canva.com for free to do this! (I do)

(PS – you cannot update your banner on a mobile device, this you will need to do on your computer)

3. Your headline

Your headline is there to create interest in YOU. Whether you are looking for a job, business or an executive leading a company. It is an opportunity to tell people how you add value, not just your job title! STAND OUT!

4. Update your experiences

These sections are opportunities to add to your searchability on LinkedIn as every word, EVERY WORD, on LinkedIn, is searchable. (book a training session and I will prove this to you!)

Most people just put their current job title and where they work, but you have 2000 characters to tell a recruiter, client and prospect how you add value in each of your positions. So, get to work and update it now!

5. Recommendations

The last tip for today is to update your recommendations. I have seen that most people don’t maximise this section at all. Recommendations are your active letters of reference as a person, and if you are a business owner, a testimonial!

Connect with clients and ask – the worst they can say is… NO. Remember to keep them updated as you are not the same person (I hope) from 5 years ago. You have grown and learnt so much that you have to share with the world.

If you need more assistance with this, we do public SME training sessions monthly, or we can come to your offices for training (if you are more than five people).

For more information, go to our website on www.ladybugz.net.za or email me directly on noleen@ladybugz.net.za to make your booking today!