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Show me the money

  Running a small business is not as easy as what people seem to think it is. If you started as you won a tender but didn't put in systems to ensure that you are sustainable after the project is finished... then I am sure you are job hunting now. Often, you show...

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I’m tired of people saying LinkedIn is a job Portal!

LinkedIn has always been about networking, not a job portal. Right from the start of LinkedIn back in 2003, it’s been about networking. I did a little research and came upon the “Our Story” of LinkedIn. As you can see from the very first “home page”, it’s been about...

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Turning Leads into SALES

Turning leads into sales needs to start somewhere, and that first step is all about building a relationship with potential clients. So, the next logical question is, How do you build a relationship with a potential client. An excellent place to start is to make that...

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Spotting Fake Profiles on LinkedIn

Nothing, NOTHING, gets to me more than someone creating a persona on LinkedIn and trying to start a conversation either on LinkedIn, or they get your email address and start a conversation on email. The above profile Picture is a snip of my LinkedIn profile - and no...

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Awesome LinkedIn Profile (secret) Tips for 2019

As we enter the last month of 2018, we are all starting to plan what our new year can bring us. I want to share some LinkedIn tips (36 in total) for 2019 to help YOU to succeed. I usually only give this out in our training or coaching sessions (hence the secret) but...

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